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COR® Internal Auditor Training

COR® Internal Auditor Training

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Training Formats:
  • Classroom: In-Person (2 Days)
  • VILT: via Zoom (2 Days)
CPD Points:
$200 + GST
Eligible for No Cost Training
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This two-day course provides participants with comprehensive information on conducting health and safety program audits utilizing the BCCSA’s COR® OHS National Audit Document. Participants complete exercises designed to prepare them for conducting a company audit. Note that the COR® Internal Auditor course requires students to complete a Student Audit Assignment on an actual construction company. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they complete this assignment.

This course is for both qualifying and requalifying internal auditors. For first-time qualifying and expired COR® Internal Auditors, the online Principles of Health & Safety Management (PHSM) course must be completed before taking this CIAT course.

NOTE: If you're a requalifying auditor you do NOT need to complete the prerequisite PHSM course. Read our policy on re-certification to ensure you meet the criteria.

  • Module 1: Introduction
  • Module 2: Pre-Audit Activities
  • Module 3: Conducting the Audit
  • Module 4: Post-Audit Activities

Participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% on a final quiz to complete the course. Students must also complete a Student Audit Assignment within four weeks of their course date to be awarded a COR® Internal Auditor certificate.

NOTE: A COR® Internal Auditor Training Certificate is required for the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO®) Program. NHSA designation applicants can request a course completion only certificate WITHOUT submitting a student audit assignment. Contact for details.
NOTE: COR® audit documents are prepared in Microsoft Excel format. For both classroom and VILT training, it's essential that students have Microsoft Excel 2007 or a newer version installed. Additionally, for classroom, in-person participation, students are required to bring a laptop along with its charger. Please be aware that tablets cannot serve as the primary device for this purpose.
Classroom Requirements:

  • Learner participation is a fundamental aspect of this course. We expect students to demonstrate consideration and encouragement towards their fellow learners by using appropriate language and behaviour. Your role is to contribute to the learning environment and assist others in their learning journey, just as they are expected to support your learning as well.
  • Staying updated and prepared ensures a smooth training experience. Please keep an eye on your e-mail for important course information and urgent notifications:
    • Registration Confirmation: Once you register for a course through our online system, you'll immediately receive confirmation that your registration was successful. It's essential to get this confirmation and a course receipt as it confirms your spot in the class.
    • Pre-course E-mails: Be sure to check your e-mails before the course starts to receive any urgent training notifications.
    • Course Updates: Make sure you receive confirmation that the course is running and a course reminder before the scheduled course date.
    • Last-minute Updates: Check your e-mails right before attending the course for any last-minute training updates or changes.
    • Course Information: Ensure you have all the course details and required information before arriving for the course.
  • Please note that the BCCSA does not provide lunch for course participants. Remember to bring your lunch.
  • You are required to show government-issued ID.
  • Instructor may provide you with additional requirements and policies.

VILT Requirements:

  • Hardware & Software
    • Video Conferencing: VILT training is conducted via Zoom with an instructor. Participants will need to install and set up Zoom video conferencing software before training starts. You can sign-up for a free Basic Zoom account here .
    • Computer or Laptop: Participants should have access to a computer or laptop (preferably with dual screens) connected to a power source using a power cord.
    • Webcam: A functioning built-in or external webcam is necessary for video conferencing with the instructor and other participants.
    • Microphone: A functioning built-in or external microphone is essential for clear communication during the live sessions.
    • Speakers or Headphones: Functioning speakers or headphones are necessary to hear the instructor and other participants.
    • Internet Connection: A stable and reasonably fast internet connection is crucial to ensure uninterrupted participation.
    • Smartphone: Please download and set up the Zoom app on your smartphone. This will serve as a backup device in case of technical problems with your main computer or laptop, and can also be used for additional interactions during the session.
  • Environment & Workspace
    • Quiet and Well-Lit Space: Participants should select a quiet, well-lit, and comfortable space for attending the VILT sessions to minimize distractions and ensure a conducive learning environment.
    • Minimal Interruptions: Participants should plan to minimize interruptions during the VILT sessions to fully engage in the training.
    • You must be on your own computer and in a separate room away from others. No group participation is permitted. (for example, you should not be in a boardroom with multiple people participating, or sit side by side to avoid sound bounce back).
  • Preparation:
    • Pre-Training Setup: Participants are strongly advised to perform a system check and set up their devices and Zoom in advance of the training.
    • Materials: Participants should have any required course materials readily available.
    • Readiness to Engage: Participants are expected to actively engage in discussions and activities during the training.
    • You are required to show government-issued ID.
  • Instructor may provide you with additional requirements and policies.

Other Requirements & Policies:

After registering for this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine appropriate audit scope.
  • Perform the three audit verification techniques:
    1. Documentation review
    2. Site observations
    3. Interviews
  • Write comments to sufficiently justify points awarded/not awarded for audit questions.
  • Develop an executive summary, recommendations, and a corrective action plan.


A COR® Internal Auditor certificate will be e-mailed to the participant following the course.

Find and register for your classroom or VILT class in the Training Schedule

For information on maintaining or re-qualifying your Internal Auditor status, visit the COR® Internal Auditors page.

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