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Traffic Control Person (TCP) Program


Why Get Your TCP Card

  • Industry Recognition
    The BCCSA's TCP Program is the longest-running of its kind in British Columbia and is considered the gold standard by many BC employers. Known for its high-quality training, the BCCSA is highly respected within the construction industry. Earning a TCP certification through the BCCSA not only boosts your skills but can also add to your credibility in the field.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    BCCSA's TCP training is carefully designed to align with and cover all BC traffic control regulations and standards.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum
    Our training covers a broad range of topics, including risk assessments, traffic control plans, effective communication, equipment, and practical skills.  Students receive the knowledge and practical skill needed to work safely as a TCP. Our comprehensive approach prepares you to meet the responsibilities of your role as a TCP with confidence.
  • Emphasis on Safety
    The BCCSA TCP Program is designed to foster a thorough understanding how to keep yourself and others safe.  This focus on safety is a key element in ensuring a secure work environment.
  • Hands-on Training
    Our training program incorporates practical exercises that offer real-world experience. This hands-on approach equips you with the skills to manage traffic and make informed decisions while working in the field, fostering confidence.
  • Confidence Building
    The BCCSA TCP course uses a laddering approach that builds on information delivered in prior units.  This technique along with a supportive learning environment provides our students with the confidence to acquire the new skills that are necessary to effectively control traffic.  Developing new skills enhances your professional capabilities and contributes significantly to personal growth.
  • Community Contribution
    As a TCP, you play a vital role in helping to keep roadside workers and the public safe. Your role has a direct, positive effect on our communities.

The BCCSA is a WorkSafeBC approved training provider of Traffic Control Persons (TCPs) in BC

Traffic control is a cognitively demanding job that requires significant skills training. TCPs make decisions on behalf of drivers, workers and the public. They must be vigilant every second of their shift. It’s vital that TCPs are professionally trained to meet the needs of the industries they represent.

The TCP program covers the knowledge and practical skills needed to work safely in accordance with the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health & Safety Regulation (OHSR), Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI) standards and other regulatory requirements.


There are no program prerequisites. However, participants should:

  1. have a good command of spoken and written English;
  2. have a good understanding of the rules of the road (class 5 or other driver’s license is recommended);
  3. be mentally and physically prepared to do the required work; and
  4. have valid government issued photo ID.

Also, section 5.4.1 of the Traffic Management Manual for Work on Roadways Manual (TMM) states that TCPs should be physically and mentally prepared to do the required work, and should have the following characteristics:

  • good vision
  • good hearing
  • alertness and mature judgement
  • intelligence and common sense
  • pleasant, cooperative disposition
  • sense of responsibility for the safety of themselves and others

  1. First time TCPs, register for the 2-Day TCP Course. This course involves an instructor-led classroom and on-road practical component.
  2. Successfully complete this course by passing both the written exam with a minimum mark of 80% and the practical evaluation with 100%.
  3. You will be issued a TCP Record of Completion (ROC) card, valid for three years.
  4. To renew, register and successfully complete the 1-Day TCP Renewal Course. This course gives you a choice of an instructor-led classroom or self-paced elearning option.
  5. Successfully complete a TCP Renewal course by passing the written exam (minimum score of 80%)
  6. You will be issued a new ROC valid for three years.

Title Formats Intended for

1-Day TCP Renewal Course

Classroom: In-Person (1 Day) or
eLearning: Online, self-paced (6-8 hours)

Intended for Renewing TCPs

2-Day Traffic Control Person (TCP) Course

Classroom: In-Person & Practical: On-Road (2 Days)

Intended for 1st time TCPs

TCP Record of Completion Card

After successful course completion, you will be issued a TCP Record of Completion (ROC) card, qualifying you to control traffic on BC roads. Your ROC card is issued in both physical and digital formats. Your ROC card is valid for 3 years from the date you complete training.

TCP Record of Completion
COR Program

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