Helping employers address COVID-19 in the workplace

During the COVID-19 outbreak, WorkSafeBC is committed to providing the essential services that workers and employers around the province rely on, which includes helping employers prevent workplace injury, illness, and disease.

Workplace inspections play a critical role in ensuring workplaces are healthy and safe. During this situation, we will continue our work with employers and workers to help them take the necessary steps to protect those who remain at work, including preventative measures to slow the progression of COVID-19. Wherever possible, we will explore alternative approaches when connecting with workplaces, including remote inspections.

New guide to help address COVID-19 in the workplace

To help slow the progression of COVID-19, we encourage employers to review the new guide Preventing exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace. This guide contains questions employers should ask themselves to better understand the health and safety concerns in the workplace raised by COVID-19. Topics covered include:

·        Identifying exposure hazards and developing measures to control exposure

·        Controlling the number of people on site

·        Prohibition of workers who are sick and those returning from outside Canada

For more information

Visit our COVID-19 information and resources web page, which includes Information specific to various industries.

For more information about the COVID-19 situation, including public health alerts and FAQs, please see the COVID-19 pages on the following websites:

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