During this time of crisis and uncertainty, it is not uncommon to experience heightened senses of stress, anxiety, and other mental health related difficulties. While all of us are urged to follow the hygiene and social distancing measures at the direction of public health authorities and the government, we must ensure that our mental health likewise receives proper attention and care.
Below are some useful links to resources on handling mental health. 


Looking for tools and resources to help construction workers get access to mental health support?  Visit Re-Mind.ca

Substance Use at Work:

Effective Strategies for Supporting Tradespeople (download)

Addressing the Stigma Around Substance Use (download)

Employers’ Responsibilities (download)

Understanding Substance Use Among Apprentices in the Skilled Trades (download)

Mental Health Support for Construction Workers (download)

Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid Pocket Guide (download) 

Useful links for more information: