Updated: April 6, 2020

BCCSA Guidance on COVID-19 (download) *updated Apr 2nd

Regional Safety Advisors LIVE Video Conference Call (details)

NEW:Employer COVID-19 Site Inspection (download) 

NEW:Hazard Assessment and Control (download)

Pandemic Handwashing Station on a Construction Site (download) *updated Apr 6th

What if Physical Distancing is not possible (download) *updated Apr 3rd

Guidance to Construction Sites Operating during COVID-19 (download)

Managing a Pandemic On Site (download) *updated Apr 3rd

Pandemic Planning for Construction industry (Alberta) (download)

Exposure Control Plan for COVID-19 (download) *updated Apr 2nd

Safe Work Practice: COVID-19 & the Construction Industry(download) *updated Mar 27th

Prevention Procedures: Working on a Construction Site (download) *updated Mar 27th

Guidance to Employers: Performing Work in Private Residences (download)

Enhanced Surface Cleaning & Disinfection (download) *updated Mar 26th

BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool (download)

Health Screening Tool (download) *updated Mar 31st

Procedures for COVID-19 Case on Site (Presumed or Confirmed) (download) *updated Apr 3rd 


NEW: Everyone do their part - Poster (download)

Safety Notice for Workers (download) *updated Mar 27th

Safety Notice for Workers (Punjabi) (download) *updated Mar 27th

Physical Distancing (download) *updated Mar 27th

Practice Good Hygiene (download) *updated Mar 27th