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Field Form Observation Sheet

The FFRP TAC is collecting lead exposure measurements to help with risk assessment for common tasks in the restoration industry. We’ve developed a sampling form to standardize the information collected with the measurements for quality control. If you’d like to contribute lead exposure data to this project, please contact

Health & Safety Responsibilities In Fire & Flood Restoration

Are you a property adjuster, independent adjuster, property manager in the insurance industry, or do you work in fire and flood restoration? Do you know and understand your responsibilities for health & safety?
This free webinar is hosted in partnership with BCCSA, WorkSafeBC and the Canadian Independent Adjusters' Association to bring BC’s insurance and restoration industries together to discuss the responsibilities of all parties, including property owners, for worker health and safety on restoration sites.
 Topics will include:

  • Planning and coordinating multi-employer workplaces, including assigning the prime contractor in writing
  • Site Safety Assessment (guidebook, course & form)
  • Hazardous Materials Surveys & Exposure Control Plans
In fire and flood restoration, a unique mix of parties are needed to work together in completing the project. All have varying responsibilities towards keeping the worksite safe and healthy for all working there. Understanding each other’s responsibilities towards health and safety, and ensuring good communication helps to organize the coordination of the work activities in a way that keeps all workers safe and healthy.

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Note: Records are available for purposes of Continuing Education credits. 
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