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Site Safety Assessment (SSA)

Safe practices start before the work begins.

Section 3 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act of B.C. states:

  • (3.5) “Every employer must ensure that regular inspections are made of all workplaces …at intervals that will prevent the development of unsafe working conditions.”
  • (3.9) ”Unsafe or harmful conditions found in the course of an inspection must be remedied without delay.”

The Site Safety Assessment kit is comprised of three (3) working parts:

  1. SSA Form: click here to download Site Safety Assessment Form Resource > IconAdobe.png by: mcbeauregard
  2. SSA on-line learning course (see “CCOHS” elsewhere on this website to register)
  3. SSA guidebook for your pocket, tool box or vehicle glove box (available for BC-based workers from BCCSA, on request)
The SSA program:

  • Promotes a culture of safety in your company – by bringing a disciplined approach to “regular workplace inspections” in order to detect any unsafe condition
  • Assists your company in meeting its mandate to “remedy without delay” any unsafe condition
  • Keeps all workers and site visitors informed of site-specific hazards and mitigating steps (not all hazards can be eliminated) 
  • Is available without cost