Endorsed Education

The Supervisors Bootcamp is a Gold Seal certified and BCCSA endorsed workshop designed specifically for front line supervisors to gain practical leadership tools. Instructed by Jeff Lyth, CRSP, CHSC, the workshop earns 1 Gold Seal credit. The course is recommended for companies looking to provide training for their supervisors that takes into consideration physical health and safety and newly legislated mental health and safety. The course is being hosted by BCCSA partner organizations. See below for dates and registration information.

Instructor: Jeff Lyth, CRSP, CHSC, has been a safety professional for 20 years. He was the Senior Safety Advisor for the BCCSA until June 2016 and helped refine and enhance courses for owners, managers, supervisors, and workers. Prior to his work with BCCSA, Jeff was Director of Corporate Health and Safety for the ITC Construction Group for 7 years, during which time he was a facilitator of their leadership  development program. An in-demand speaker at home and abroad, he has given workshops and presentations on safety in locations as far away as China.

To learn more about the Supervisors Bootcamp read the full course overview or contact Jeff Lyth at Jeff@qspleadership.com or 778.834.0872

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