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Prime Contractor Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC)

The Prime Contractors Technical Advisory Committee (PCTAC) was formed by the BCCSA in late 2012 with a group of representatives from COR certified ‘General Contractors’, who all faced similar challenges in coordinating safety on medium to large sized construction projects. The group’s mandate is twofold:  to research, develop, and share with industry best practices relating to the role of ‘Prime Contractor’ as defined in the Workers Compensation Act, and to create consistent programs and expectations for the many ‘small employer’ sub trade companies and their employees.

Committee Representation

Ames Construction- Mark Kondro                            N. Wallance and Company- Jennifer Lychy

Beedie Construction- Jim Billey                               Polygon Construction- David Kerr

Ellis Don- Stuart Long                                               Scott Construction- Aaron Jackson

FWS Group- Dan Lenters                                         Unitech Construction- Lyn Boates

Graham Construction- Douglas Smart                    Urban One Builders- Kandice Jones (Chair)   

ITC Group- Jacqueline Spain                                   Ventana Construction- Justin Leisle

Ledcor- Barry McCarty                                             Wales McLelland- Janis Freeman

Participation on the committee is vetted by the BC Construction Safety Alliance.  Interested stakeholders must meet the following requirements to be eligible to participate on the committee:

  1. Be registered with WorkSafeBC in sector 721027 "House or Other Woodframe General Contracting, Construction, or Renovation work" of sector 721028 "Industrial, Commercial, Institutional or Highrise Residential General Contracting or Construction."
  2. Operate as a Prime Contractor as per the definition under the Workers Compensation Act 118 'Coordination at multiple-employer workplaces'.
  3. Maintain a COR status.
  4. Ability to attend meetings regularly.

If you meet the above criteria, please review the Terms of Reference , download the Authorization Letter , and complete the Representation Consent form , and forward to

Current Projects

The PCTAC is currently working on projects within sub-committees (A & B):

  • Sub Committee A is working on Multi Employer Workplace resources, including an administration resource for Small Employers and a Sub Contractor Management Program for Prime Contractors.
  • Sub Committee B is in the process of applying for funding to develop a Construction Best Practices Manual.

Past Accomplishments

  1. CSTS-09 bulletin - Endorsed and promoted the online course offering as a benchmark of basic training.
  2. Identified top Prime Contractor issues and clarified best practices including:
  • Site safety orientation standards
  • 'End of project' clarifications relating to the termination of Prime Contractor responsibilities on a construction site.
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee requirements of all workplace parties on a multi employer worksite.

Asphalt Technical Advisory Committee (ATAC)

Originally called the “Road Builder Group,” the ATAC committee came together after the asphalt production industry faced a series of severe accidents and near misses. ATAC serves as an ongoing industry committee that now provides the BCCSA with valuable insight and works to develop tools that address workplace safety.

ATAC committee members work with BCCSA to review and compile industry specific workplace safety resources and templates such safe work practices and safe job procedures. They have also developed new employee orientation forms, a template silica exposure plan, and asphalt training matrix tool specific to their work in the road building industry.  Check out the BCCSA Asphalt website which provides safe work practices that you can print off and use as a tool for your hazard assessment processes:


Please email for this tool!

COR Technical Advisory Committee

As a Certifying Partner of the Certificate of Recognition program the BCCSA has established a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to ensure our COR-related training and audit requirements for employers reflect OHS best practice and industry needs. The COR Technical Advisory Committee work to guide the development and maintenance of BCCSA audit tools, training materials, and quality control processes that meet the construction industry’s needs.

BC Stone, Sand, and Gravel Safety Committee

In response to fatalities within the aggregate industry in 2007, the BC Stone, Sand and Gravel Association made safety a high priority on their agenda.  This committee is currently composed of industry representatives from the BCSSG working in partnership with the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (MEMPR) and the BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA).

Together the group worked on an initiative titled the Aggregate Workplace Safety Project which has resulted in the development of an online database of safe work practices for aggregate operations and most recently a web based Hazard Assessment Training course.

BC Ready-Mixed Concrete Safety Committee

This committee was established in 2009 and works with BCCSA and industry specialists to enhance industry health and safety through such initiatives as development of information materials and annual safety awards that recognize safety commitment via annual safety awards, and other initiatives.

Through this committee BCRMCA developed a Concrete Pump Operator's Safety Training Manual.

For more information about BCCSA committee activities, including how to become a member call (604)-636-3687.