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SMALL COR Certificat of Recognition (COR) Certified

Certifying Small COR

For companies with 19 or less employees (FTEs), the process to obtain a BCCSA Small COR is as follows:

  1. Complete and submit a BCCSA COR Application Form.
  2. Have a permanent employee complete BCCSA’s 2–day COR Internal Auditor Training course.
    After the employee has obtained their COR Auditor Certificate, they will be qualified as the company’s COR internal auditor.
  3. Ensure the company has a health and safety management system that meets the BCCSA Small COR audit standard.
  4. Conduct a Small COR Certification Audit and achieving a passing mark (minimum 80% overall and at least 50% in each element).
  5. Submit the Certification Audit to the BCCSA for quality assurance review.
  6. If the Certification Audit meets the audit requirements, a Small COR Certificate will be issued.  The COR is valid for 3 years, providing annual maintenance audit requirements are met

Maintaining Small CORCertificate of Recognition (COR) Program Info Sheet

Maintenance Audits must be conducted and submitted to the BCCSA annually for quality assurance review. Small COR Maintenance Audits can be conducted by the company’s qualified internal auditor. 

Recertifying Small COR

A Re-certification Audit must be conducted and submitted to the BCCSA for quality assurance review.  The audit must achieve a passing mark of 80% overall (minimum) and at least 50% in each element. The Small  COR Recertification Audit can be conducted by a BCCSA qualified internal auditor.

Note: A company may elect to hire a BCCSA qualified External Auditor to conduct any of their COR audits.

To learn more about the COR Program, please review the BCCSA’s COR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact us at or toll free at 1.877.860.3675