Certifying Small COR™

For companies with 19 or less employees (FTEs), the process to obtain a BCCSA Small COR™ is as follows:

  1. Complete and submit a BCCSA COR™ Application Form.
  2. Have a permanent employee complete BCCSA’s 2–day COR™ Internal Auditor Training course.
    After the employee has obtained their COR™ Auditor Certificate, they will be qualified as the company’s COR™ internal auditor.
  3. Ensure the company has a health and safety management system that meets the BCCSA Small COR™ audit standard.
  4. Conduct a Small COR™ Certification Audit and achieving a passing mark (minimum 80% overall and at least 50% in each element).
  5. Submit the Certification Audit to the BCCSA for quality assurance review.
  6. If the Certification Audit meets the audit requirements, a Small COR™ Certificate will be issued.  The COR™ is valid for 3 years, providing annual maintenance audit requirements are met

Maintaining Small COR™

Maintenance Audits must be conducted and submitted to the BCCSA annually for quality assurance review. Small COR™ Maintenance Audits can be conducted by the company’s qualified internal auditor.

Re-certifying Small COR™

A Re-certification Audit must be conducted and submitted to the BCCSA for quality assurance review.  The audit must achieve a passing mark of 80% overall (minimum) and at least 50% in each element. The Small  COR™ Re-certification Audit can be conducted by a BCCSA qualified internal auditor.

Note: A company may elect to hire a BCCSA qualified External Auditor to conduct any of their COR™ audits.

To learn more about the COR™ Program, please review the BCCSA’s COR™ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact us at or toll free at 1.877.860.3675