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COR® External Auditors

COR Program

A BCCSA-qualified COR® External Auditor is a safety professional who has been qualified by the BCCSA to assess a company’s health & safety system against the BCCSA COR® audit standard.

  • Large COR® companies (those with 20 or more employees) MUST hire a BCCSA-qualified COR® External Auditor to conduct their Certification and Re-certification Audits.
  • Small COR® companies (those with 19 or fewer employees) and Large COR® companies have the option of hiring a BCCSA external auditor to conduct audits in place of a qualified internal auditor (i.e. for Small COR® certification, maintenance, and re-certification audits or Large COR® maintenance audits).
  • For more details, please see the COR® Process.

The external auditor is responsible for filling out and submitting a Notice from External Auditor (PDF) to the BCCSA at least 3 weeks before the scheduled audit commencement date.