To register for a TCP Renewal course, sign into your existing BCCSA account or create a new account using the email and phone number that you have on file with BCCSA:

**Currently, only students who have a BCCSA TCP record of completion can take the BCCSA 1-day course **

Click here to find a 1-day renewal course:

Note: There are no extensions to TCP expiry dates.

TCP Renewal Eligibility
  • You are eligible to take the BCCSA 1-day renewal course if you hold a valid BCCSA TCP record of completion that has not been expired for more than 12 months.

Note: You cannot work as a TCP if your TCP record of completion has expired.

The new 1-day TCP RENEWAL started on January 1st, 2019.


How will I find a course and where will course be held?
  • Renewal courses will be found using the same format to find a two day course. You can search for courses by city on the BCCSA website, and the TCP Course Schedule tab.
What will the cost be?
  • Costs will vary as set by training institutions or individual instructors based on facility rental fees and travel, etc.
How long is my record of completion good for?
  • Your record of completion is good for 3 years.
Do I have to take a 1 day TCP Renewal course once my card expires?
  • Yes, starting Jan. 1, 2019, the new 1 day TCP Renewal course is implemented, all TCPs wishing to renew their TCP card will be required to take the one day TCP Renewal course.
Will there still be an exam?
  • Yes, there will be an exam within the course.
Is there an alternative to the 1 day course?
  • All TCPs in the province of BC will be required to take the 1 day TCP Renewal course in order to renew their TCP record of completion.  The decision was finalized in 2016.
  • The option to take the 2 day training course instead of the 1 day TCP Renewal course will also be available.
To learn more about the TCP program, please contact our TCP Coordinator at or call 604.636.3675.