The following documents provide guidance for construction employers to navigate the challenges caused by wildfires, poor air quality and increasing temperatures. 


Wildfire Smoke and its Effects:

A Guide to creating an Effective ECP on Wildfire Smoke: Equip yourself with knowledge and strategies to handle wildfire smoke at your workplace.

Wildfire Smoke – Managing Health Risks: Learn the implications of poor air quality on health and ways to mitigate them.

Construction Site Safety:

Fire threats to construction sites are real! Here's everything you need to know about "Protecting Construction Sites from Fire", including a super handy checklist!

Heat Stress Management:

Check out our comprehensive guide on "Managing Heat Stress at Work." Stay safe, hydrated, and informed about heat-related risks!

Toolbox Talks:

Fire Extinguishers: Understanding their types, uses, and safety precautions.
Smoking in the Workplace: Emphasizing the rules and reasons behind no smoking policies.
Fire Safety & PPE: Ensuring you're equipped with the right gear and knowledge to tackle emergencies.