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2-Day TCP Course
TCP Program Training

2-Day TCP Course

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Training Formats:
  • Classroom: In-Person (2 Days)
  • Practical
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Courses are available throughout BC

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This is a WorkSafeBC-approved course for training Traffic Control Persons (TCPs) in BC. After successfully completing this course, you will receive a TCP Record of Completion Card valid for 3 years. To successfully complete this course you must pass both a written exam and a practical test. Classroom dates and times are listed in the TCP Course Schedule (TCP Gateway).

No prerequisites are required for this course. However, participants should:

  • have a good understanding of the rules of the road (class 5 or other driver's license is recommended)
  • bring steel toe boots with ankle protection
  • be physically able to participate in the on-road practical evaluation
  • have good command of spoken and written English*

Also, section 5.4.1 of the Traffic Management Manual for Work on Roadways Manual (TMM) also states that TCPs should be physically and mentally prepared to do the required work, and should have the following characteristics:

  • good vision
  • good hearing
  • alertness and mature judgement
  • intelligence and common sense
  • pleasant, cooperative disposition
  • sense of responsibility for the safety of themselves, other workers and the public

This course emphasizes safe work practices and further safety in the (high hazard) traffic control industry. Course content includes:

  • Roles, responsibilities & regulations
  • Physical & mental requirements
  • Job Planning
  • Temporary traffic control devices
  • Work zones
  • Mobile equipment
  • Communication
  • Other traffic control scenarios
  • Practical Skills
Classroom Requirements:

  • Learner participation is a fundamental aspect of this course. We expect students to demonstrate consideration and encouragement towards their fellow learners by using appropriate language and behaviour. Your role is to contribute to the learning environment and assist others in their learning journey, just as they are expected to support your learning as well.
  • Staying updated and prepared ensures a smooth training experience. Please keep an eye on your e-mail for important course information and urgent notifications:
    • Registration Confirmation: Once you register for a course through our online system, you'll immediately receive confirmation that your registration was successful. It's essential to get this confirmation and a course receipt as it confirms your spot in the class.
    • Pre-course E-mails: Be sure to check your e-mails before the course starts to receive any urgent training notifications.
    • Course Updates: Make sure you receive confirmation that the course is running and a course reminder before the scheduled course date.
    • Last-minute Updates: Check your e-mails right before attending the course for any last-minute training updates or changes.
    • Course Information: Ensure you have all the course details and required information before arriving for the course.
  • Please note that the BCCSA does not provide lunch for course participants. Remember to bring your lunch.
  • You are required to show government-issued ID.
  • Instructor may provide you with additional requirements and policies.

Practical Requirements:

  • Students are expected to follow safety protocol.
  • Students must be physically able to participate in the practical.
  • Instructor may provide you with additional requirements and policies.

To successfully complete the course, you must pass both the written exam with a minimum mark of 80% and the practical evaluation with 100%. Upon successful completion, you will receive your TCP Record of Completion card, valid for 3 years. During this period, you'll be able to control traffic on BC roadways.

Courses are available throughout BC

See TCP Course Schedule

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