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Green Hand / Gold Hand Program

Best Practices

Established by the Canadian Petroleum Council in 2001, the Green Hand / Gold Hand Program engages new or inexperienced workers ("Green Hands") in safety related conversations with experienced workers ("Gold Hands"), who have proven knowledge of and experience with the company’s safety program.

Increasing the visibility of experienced and inexperienced workers on a jobsite is a proven method for maintaining site safety: Both groups become more approachable to each other, which makes it easier to ask for help or offer assistance. The more awareness of and interactions about workplace health and safety, the greater the odds of avoiding accidents and injuries and creating a culture of safety on the jobsite.

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The Green Hand / Gold Hand program was established by the Canadian Petroleum Council in 2001 to reduce injuries among new or inexperienced workers. Since then, Lafarge North America and the Forest Safety Council of BC are among those companies and organizations that have adopted the program for use in their industries.


Health and safety orientations are required under the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulations. For companies that do not already have a health and safety orientation system in place, the New Worker Orientation Form could provide assistance.


Green Hand / Gold Hand program poster.