Hazard Awareness Training

This course is part of the Workplace Safety Program which was developed by the BC Stone, Sand and Gravel Association (BCSSGA) and the provincial government, with support from the BC Construction Safety Alliance. The goal of the program is to reduce injuries and improve worker safety in the industry. As a participant in this course, you are part of an innovative program that will help improve the safety of aggregate production in British Columbia. We are excited to offer this program and to provide you with supporting materials and resources.


Hazard Identification: The first step  is identifying hazards in your worksite. Hazards are unsafe or harmful conditions, substances, or circumstances that could put people at risk of injury or disease. This section discusses techniques to help you decide if something (whether it’s a piece of equipment, a condition of the work environment, or a job procedure) poses a hazard.

Hazard Assessment: The next section will help you to assess hazards in terms of the level of risk associated with them. The purpose of assessing the risk of hazards is to prioritize your safety efforts in order to prevent harm most effectively.

Hazard Control: This section will help you control the hazards you identified and assessed. You’ll learn how to:

  • plan how to control the risk of hazards
  • implement your controls
  • record what you’ve done
  • maintain the controls

Register: To register for the HAT program please visit: http://lms.bccsa.ca/register?program=HAT

For more information please email the BCCSA Training Department at Training@bccsa.ca !