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Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

The Fire & Flood Restoration TAC has selected CCOHS to be our partner in delivering on-line safety training courses to B.C. restoration workers.


  • Reputation – strong Canadian player in on-line training field

  • Selection– broad, pertinent offering of safety courses

  • Content – quality, up-to-date product

  • Stable provider – been around for decades, funded substantially by Fed. Govt

  • Flexible – able to work with BCCSA to develop new courses (eg., SSA) from scratch

  • Cost-effective ­- like BCCSA, CCOHS is a non-profit

CCOHS – Frequently Asked Questions

Q What safety training courses are available from CCOHS?

New Worker Orientation                             Personal Protective Equipment

WHMIS for Workers                                    WHMIS for Managers

Fall Protection Basics                                 Fire Safety

Ladder Safety                                             Lifting Safety

Lock-out/Tag-out                                        Electrical Safety

Confined Space Basic                                Biological/Organic Hazard Awareness*

Site Safety Assessment (SSA)*                  …and others

Q) As the employer, what is my cost for our workers to take the CCOHS safety courses?

  • There is no cost to your restoration firm, nor to your workers

  • The no-cost policy is only available for your workers based in B.C. (nationals take note)

  • The ‘no-cost’ pricing policy for CCOHS safety courses is reviewed annually by the BCCSA Board of Directors

Q) How does my firm register with CCOHS in order to get our workers started on these safety courses?

Click here to go to the easy-to-use registration instructions for CCOHS courses

Note: It is the employer (not the worker) who must register with CCOHS