TCP Instructors

Current Traffic Control Instructors

The following is a list of all currently qualified TCP instructors. These instructors are in good standing with the BC Construction Safety Alliance and are qualified to facilitate the WorkSafeBC approved standardized TCP program.

Click here for a full list of TCP Instructors including the region(s) they are willing to travel to.  

Interested in becoming a traffic control instructor?

To become a certified Traffic Control Program Instructor (TCPI) in the province of BC, interested candidates will be required to successfully complete the 4-step application process. Completion of this application does not guarantee TCPI certification. Please review TCP Instructor Qualifications

Step 1: Application     
Interested candidates must submit an electronic application and upload all required supporting documentation to demonstrate their experience in education and training.

Step 2:  BCCSA Review / Interviews / Competency Exam
The BCCSA will review all submitted applications and will follow up with both successful and unsuccessful applicants. Successful applicants will participate in telephone interview(s), and an in person or video conference interview, complete a competency exam, and deliver a mini lesson to assess instructional skills.

Step 3: Instructor Training
Candidates who successfully complete step 2 will be invited to participate in the BCCSA TCP Instructor Training Course. 

Training dates, locations & costs have not been determined

Step 4:  New Instructor Probationary Period
Upon successful completion of the TCP Instructor Training Course, candidates will be required to enter into a contract with the BCCSA.  New Instructors will be subject to a probationary period.

BCCSA qualified TCP Instructors are independent contractors, items required for course delivery include, but are not limited to:
  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • WorkSafeBC coverage
  • Laptop computer and presentation remote
  • Temporary Traffic Control Signs and Devices
  • PPE (class set)
  • Traffic Management Manual for Work on Roadways (class set)


To learn more about the TCP program, please contact our TCP Coordinator at or call 604.636.3675.