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Safety Tools & Downloads

Hazard Alerts

Keep all those in the construction industry informed of potential hazards in the workplace and proper policy and procedures when dealing with these situations.  Click here for more information.

Safety Tools & Resources

Through the partnership with the BC Road Builders and Heavy Construction Association and industry committees, such as Asphalt Technical Advisory Committee have developed Safety Tools & Resources to assist companies in the road building sub sector with their safety programs. Resources include New Worker Orientation, Job Hazard Analysis, Safe Job Procedures and Safe Work Practices

Toolbox Talks

The Asphalt Technical Advisory Committee have developed Toolbox Talks covering general safety tips & OH&S Training, special equipment training, yard hazards, working at heights, working alone, MSI & ergonomics, hazard identification, employee's responsibilities, communication and driving tips, transfers & trailers.

Stat Packs

Our Stat Packs are user-friendly info-graphics of occupational injury and illness trends over a 5-year period.  Construction industry employers can use the data to identify strategic approaches to managing H&S in their companies.  Click here for Stat Packs

Useful Links

Use these links to visit the websites of the many organizations and associations that work alongside BCCSA to promote workplace health and safety.

Support for employers: Training and orientation for young and new workers

WorkSafeBC Tools for Training Young and New Workers

Asphalt Industry Training Matrix Coming Soon

This is a user-friendly program to help your company make sure all crew-members on a project have the training they need to work safely. The Matrix identifies training requirements and generates training forms to help your organization track the completion of required training for individual crew-members depending on their occupations. If you are in charge of planning for a project or for crew training, this program will help your company meet its occupational health and safety requirements with enhanced professionalism.