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TCPs whose three year record of completion is about to expire must successfully complete the re-qualification process. In partnership with the BC Chamber of Commerce and BC Construction Safety Training Centre, the re-qualification challenge exam is affordable, convenient and accessible throughout the province of BC.

Download a list of all the re-qualification exam locations  

Exam Format

The exam is open book and you are encouraged to bring the following for reference; the exam facility may or may not have a copy available for your use. These can all be found under Resources page.

The exam will be at the same level of difficulty as the original TCP qualification exam. You must get at least 80% to pass.

  • Computer-Based or Paper Based exams have a 60 minute time limit
  • 40 Multiple Choice and True/False questions
    • 35 Theory questions
    • 5 Practical questions using Schematics - diagrams are designed to replicate the practical scenarios of original training

You will have up to one year from your expiry date to challenge the exam before having to take the two-day TCP Course again. You are not qualified to work as a TCP with expired certification.

Re-qualification Process

Things to bring with you to the exam:

  • Most recent TCP photo ID card (if lost then Government issued picture ID)
  • Passport sized colour photo (70 mm x 50 mm)
  • Fee for the exam - $25 computer based or $40 paper based

Take the exam at the most convenient examination location for you. You will have two attempts at passing the exam.

If you do not pass the first time, you will be encouraged to do further preparatory study and/or take the one day refresher course in preparation for your second attempt. ID card and photo will be returned if you do not pass.

If you do not pass the second time, you will be required to re-take the entire two-day TCP course by which you were originally certified. ID card and photo will be returned if you do not pass.

Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be issued a temporary certificate by the invigilator, which is valid for three months from date of issue. The temporary certificate will be followed within 6-8 weeks by a new permanent photo ID card, valid for another three years.

Traffic Control Refresher Course

Qualified Traffic Control Instructors throughout BC will offer a one day Traffic Control Refresher Course. Please contact any of our active Instructors within your region for further information:

Click here for a full list of TCP Instructors including the region(s) they are willing to travel to. 

To learn more about the TCP program, please contact our TCP Coordinator at or call 604.636.3675.