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Welcome to the B.C. Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association's RSTS Registration Page.

The B.C. Road Builders & Heavy Construction Association is a non-profit organization that represents firms involved in asphalt and concrete manufacturing, grading, paving, utility construction, road and bridge building/maintenance, blasting, and the supply of related goods and services.

Our mandate is to communicate with the public and with government about critical transportation issues. We are the recognized advocate for infrastructure development and a balanced, safe transportation system that sustains and promotes provincial economic growth.

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For RSTS it is recommended to use a computer with the following:
Pentium 4, 3 GHZ
2 GB of system memory (RAM)
Speakers or Headset
High Speed Internet Access
Adobe Flash Player 10+

At this time it is not recommended that you use any version of Internet Explorer. We suggest that you either use Google Chrome , Firefox , or Safari to take your course.

RSTS will not work on any tablets or smartphones

Cost per student $65.00 + GST

Please provide the following information so we can register you for RSTS and send you login information for accessing the program online.

Please provide an email address where we can send your login information for RSTS.

By submitting this form, I agree to participate in the Construction Safety Training System.   I also agree that the BC construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) may disclose my information only to Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA).  I understand that the BCCSA respects my privacy and that they will never sell, trade or loan my information to other organizations.
I understand that if I do not complete the RSTS program successfully, I will not be issued a course certificate.  I also understand that I may receive correspondence from either BCCSA or ACSA in regards to the RSTS.

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