This online self paced course is designed to provide guidance and instruction about developing a simple yet robust Health and Safety manual. The course material is geared towards the construction industry, and offers sample policies, forms and checklists that can be tailored into a cost-effective company Health and Safety manual. The PHSM course aims to help employers build a solid foundation for developing the Safety Programs & Safety Management System.

This Course is divided into 13 modules:

Module 1: Health and Safety Policy
Module 2: Workplace Hazard Assessment and Control
Module 3: Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures
Module 4: Company Rules
Module 5: Personal Protective Equipment
Module 6: Preventative Maintenance
Module 7: Training and Communication
Module 8: Inspections
Module 9: Investigations
Module 10: Emergency Preparedness
Module 11: Records and Statistics
Module 12: Legislation
Module 13: Joint Health and Safety Committee/Worker Safety Representative


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points 


PHSM qualifies for 6 CPD points recognized by BC Housing Licensing and Consumer Services

Estimated time to complete: 5-7 hours


Cost: NO COST if your employer is registered with WorkSafeBC in the Construction Sector (Classification Unit (CU) 72), 704008, or 712033.  $65.00 plus GST otherwise. A credit card is required to register for the course regardless of your CU status.


In order to qualify for no cost training, you must have your employer's WorkSafeID number. BCCSA cannot provide this number, you must ask your employer.  Please read the instructions linked below for more information.

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 Please read the following documents for more information:


•    How to create a BCCSA Training Portal Account – Important!

•    How to register for PHSM (After your account is created)




 If you have any questions related to PHSM, please email: onlinetraining@bccsa.ca