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The Canadian Federation of Construction Associations has approved a new national credential designed to replace a variety of similar provincial designations. Among those provincial health and safety associations transitioning to the National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) is the BCCSA, which will offer the designation in place of the Construction Safety Specialist (CSS) starting January 1, 2017. The CSS has been offered by the BCCSA for the last several years.

The decision to move forward with the NCSO is good news for both safety professionals and employers. For example, NCSOs will be able to work as safety officers anywhere in Canada and BC NCSOs will also be able to serve as internal auditors for the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. For their part, employers will have access to a pool of qualified, experienced, and more economical safety professionals – something of particular benefit to those who either do not need or cannot afford higher-level credential holders such as Canadian Registered Safety Professionals.

All candidates for the NCSO must complete a suite of mandatory courses along with training specific to each jurisdiction designed to ensure sufficient knowledge of provincial health and safety legislation. Here in BC, NCSO candidates will need to take 11 mandatory courses – nine offered by the BCCSA and two (fall protection and first aid) available from other providers – and their choice of two electives. Click here to see a full list of required courses and electives . Candidates must also pass national and provincial examinations, maintain their credential through professional development and other activities, and abide by an NCSO Code of Ethics.  

We will be releasing more information about the transition from the CSS to the NCSO as details become available. In the meantime, please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions about the NCSO and visit our website. You can also email the NCSO Coordinator at