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Interprovincial COR® Reciprocity

As a member of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA), BCCSA has a signed agreement for temporary COR® reciprocity between all of the provincial construction safety associations. 

Letter of COR® Reciprocity from BCCSA

The requirements to obtain a Letter of COR® Reciprocity from the BCCSA are:

  • The firm must not be currently operating in the province of BC
  • The firm must not have an active WorkSafeBC account 
  • The firm must contact the provincial construction safety association in which they hold a valid COR and request that the association submit an application for COR reciprocity on their behalf to the BCCSA. 

If, upon review the application for COR® reciprocity is approved, BCCSA will issue the firm a temporary letter of COR® reciprocity that is valid for 6 months.  This letter will serve as the documentation for bidding on BC projects requiring COR® certification.

Should the company be successful in securing the contract, they will be required to achieve COR® Certification through the BCCSA COR® Program.  

Letter of COR Reciprocity from another Provincial Construction Safety Association

If your firm holds a valid BCCSA COR® and is seeking temporary COR reciprocity from another provincial construction safety association, please contact the BCCSA at or toll free at 1-877-860-3675.

BCCSA will complete and submit an application for COR® reciprocity on your firm’s behalf to the provincial construction safety association in which COR reciprocity is being sought.

To learn more about the COR® Program, please review the BCCSA’s COR® Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or contact us at or toll free at 1.877.860.3675