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Endorsed Education

This Fall Protection Group course is a BCCSA endorsed workshop and delivered by certified training partner Blueline Safety Ltd. This one-day program is intended to allow students to gain a good general understanding of fall protection systems.  Students will learn about the governing bodies that control fall protection regulations and standards.  The course also has a hands-on section that allows students to familiarize themselves with many components of a fall protection system.

Learning Objectives

The goal of this program is to ensure that recipients understand fall protection safety principles as they apply to their work environment and to correctly use fall protection at all times.

The participants will learn:

  • Fall protection fundamentals
  • To identify most types of fall protection equipment and how it is used
  • To calculate appropriate fall protection system setup (e.g. free fall distance)
  • Methods of eliminating fall hazards
  • Components of fall arrest and fall restraint systems
  • CSA standards related to fall protection equipment
  • Equipment specifications, limitations, care and inspection
  • How to create a fall protection work plan
  • The need for rescue planning and preparedness

This is a BCCSA endorsed workshop co-developed with the Canadian Mental Health Association. The workshop provides insight into Bill 14’s revisions to the Workers’ Compensation Act. It also addresses bullying and harassment, and how to support a psychologically safe and healthy workplace.

This course makes the case for why contractors and construction leaders need to address psychological health and safety in the workplace—for the benefit of workers, supervisors, leaders, the bottom line and for families and communities.

Against the backdrop of the new National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace, participants emerge with a greater understanding of how they can and must identify and remove workplace hazards to psychological safety for all.

Instructor: Margaret Tebbutt is a Senior Consultant, Workplace Initiatives, Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division. She delivers conference presentations on strategic issues in workplace mental health at the organizational level, and workshops to help managers and union leaders develop the knowledge and skills to more effectively deal with mental health issues. Prior to joining CMHA in 2005, she held positions as Senior Advisor, Executive Development for the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business; Director, Client Service Delivery with Western Economic Diversification Canada; and in Canada’s foreign service at embassies abroad. 

To learn more, about the Safe and Sound course read the full course overview or contact Julia Kaisla at  julia.kaisla@cmha.bc.ca

The Supervisors Bootcamp is a Gold Seal certified and BCCSA endorsed workshop designed specifically for front line supervisors to gain practical leadership tools. Instructed by Jeff Lyth, CRSP, CHSC, the workshop earns 1 Gold Seal credit. The course is recommended for companies looking to provide training for their supervisors that takes into consideration physical health and safety and newly legislated mental health and safety. The course is being hosted by BCCSA partner organizations. See below for dates and registration information.

Instructor: Jeff Lyth, CRSP, CHSC, has been a safety professional for 20 years. He was the Senior Safety Advisor for the BCCSA until June 2016 and helped refine and enhance courses for owners, managers, supervisors, and workers. Prior to his work with BCCSA, Jeff was Director of Corporate Health and Safety for the ITC Construction Group for 7 years, during which time he was a facilitator of their leadership  development program. An in-demand speaker at home and abroad, he has given workshops and presentations on safety in locations as far away as China.

To learn more about the Supervisors Bootcamp read the full course overview or contact Jeff Lyth at Jeff@qspleadership.com or 778.834.0872

Upcoming Course Dates:

This is technical training program for individuals wanting to obtain introductory level training in underground utility locating.  The program was developed & supported by BC Construction Safety Alliance, WorkSafeBC, BC Safety Authority, BC Common Ground Alliance and BC Municipal Safety Association who saw the need to set a standard in utility locating instruction, and to provide the province with training that is tailored to BC workers.

This Utility Locator Technician Course involves three (3) days of in-class and practical instruction and successful students must complete a written test and a site-based practical evaluation.

This course will include:

  • Classroom technical instruction
  • Group discussions
  • Practical demonstration including application of skills through hands-on locating techniques of utilities (power, telecom, gas and water/sewer)
  • Assessment of locating skills and knowledge through final exam and evaluation of practical skills

*Note: There are no prerequisites for this course.

Participants in this course will gain the knowledge and skills to be able to:

  • Locate underground utilities safely and effectively
  • Apply skills in accordance with regulation and best practice
  • Seek certification as a Utility Locator Specialist (Through the ASTTBC, pending final approval in 2014)

Instructor: Brian Kidwell, Eecol Electric
Brian Kidwell has been with EECOL Electric for 22 years. Through his career at EECOL Electric, from industrial sales to management & business development to underground utilities locating product & field applications & training specialist he has become a recognized course instructor/provider by the E.O.C.P. Certification Program Society; a proud member, supports & is involved with the British Columbia Water & Waste Water Association (B.C.W.W.A participant & speaker, “abc’s of utility locating”, Kelowna 2011, 2013) Public Works Alliance (P.W.A.), Municipal Services Association (M.S.A.) the B.C. Common Ground Alliance (executive board member, chair of safety committee, City of Excellence Safety Award) participant & speaker at DigSafe B.C! conferences (topic- abc’s of utility locating), member & participant in the Canadian Gas Association (C.G.A., exhibitor & speaker, Victoria, April 2010) contributed & participated in developing the “utility gradesperson” certification program with the B.C. Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association advisory/steering committee, contributor, participant & instructor with the B.C.C.G.A./ B.C.M.S.A. WorkSafe BC initiative/sponsored “locator certification” program, as well as instructing “how to locate before you dig” at the various heavy equipment operator schools in British Columbia.

If you are interested in the Utility Locator Specialist Training  please fill out the BCMSA  training request form located  here: www.bcmsa.ca/training-request-form