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BCCSA Regional Safety Advisor (RSA) - Expression of interest

The BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) is seeking Expressions of Interest from qualified occupational health and safety professionals who are interested in being a Regional Safety Advisor (RSA), province wide.

The role of an RSA is to assist members to meet their regulatory obligations. RSA’s are available to support employers who have safety questions or concerns, are looking to develop safety programs and materials, or who want to prepare for COR® (Certificate of Recognition). These services are available at no cost to all construction (sector 72) employers and select aggregate and ready-mixed employers.

RSA’s offer extensive knowledge and experience in construction industry health and safety and focus on providing straightforward and practical assistance to all types and sizes of construction companies for whom meeting safety goals maybe challenging. Often RSA’s work with smaller companies, as these may not have dedicated health and safety resources.

Much of RSA work is delivered remotely (video chat, phone, email), though sometimes an in-person connection is the best method to boost a company’s health and safety outcomes. The intent of this EOI is to build a roster of RSA professionals that offer geographical and cultural diversity.

RSA’s are professionals with a passion for helping people improve their health and safety. They are adept at explaining safety concepts in a tangible way and enjoy supporting companies to improve their safety culture and outcomes.

The following are types of services RSAs provide:

• Support the growth of BCCSA’s COR program.

  • Connect with new COR applicants to offer RSA assistance.
  • Review the company’s current safety program/plan, conduct a gap analysis of the client’s current state against the COR standard, and record the results using BCCSA’s prescribed documents.
  • Build Safety Manuals, Safety Plans, Policies, Procedures, etc. with the applicants.
  • Conduct safety reviews, knowledge transfer, document review/creation, etc. as required.

• Support non-COR companies looking to improve their health and safety outcomes with Safety Manuals, Safety Plans, Policies, Procedures, etc.

• Support WorkSafeBC’s High-Risk Strategy through targeted client outreach to specific Classification Units, offering advice, presentations, and toolbox talks.

• Promote specific BCCSA initiatives by connecting with clients to discuss topics such as Injury Management, the Safety Climate Tool, Mental Health (Re-Mind - Lone Hunter).

• Be the face of BCCSA at conferences, webinars, industry presentations.

• Achieve an average client satisfaction rating of 4 out of 5 for clients responding to the RSA Support Satisfaction Survey.

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