Electrical Safety Training System (ESTS)


For ESTS it is recommended to use a computer with the following:
Pentium 4, 3 GHZ
2 GB of system memory (RAM)
Speakers or Headset
High Speed Internet Access
Adobe Flash Payer 10+

At this time it is not recommended that you use any version of Internet Explorer. We suggest that you either use Google Chrome , Firefox , or Safari to take your course. 

ESTS will not work on any tablet or smartphone

ESTS is an online course designed for individual workers and is a comprehensive multi-media program that allows individualized, self-paced learning and is tailored specifically to the Electrical Industry.  It is designed to guide the students through the fundamentals of electrical shock, including touch and step potentials. 

COST per student $95.00 + GST


ESTS Training modules

  • Regulations, Standards and Best Practices
  • Understanding Electricity in the Workplace
  • Electrical Hazards: Understanding the Danger
  • Electrical Hazard Analysis
  • Establishing Electrical Safe Work Conditions
  • Engineering and Administrative Controls
  • Electrical Specific PPE, Tools and Equipment
  • Selection of PPE, Tools and Equipment
  • Electrical Specific PPE, Tools and Equipment Management
  • Emergency Response, Incident Reporting and Program Maintenance 
For more information, please contact our Program Coordinator at tdumbeck@bccsa.ca or call 604.636.3681