BC Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) to develop BC-focused online safety orientation course.

September 9, 2019

For the past 15 years, the BCCSA has provided the Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) - an online safety orientation for new and returning construction industry workers. Each year, thousands of users complete the training, which is accessible from any computer, anytime.

CSTS is owned by the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). The BCCSA is the sole licensed distributor of the training in BC, and offers it to employers, students at trade and high schools, and others. CSTS generates thousands of dollars annually for the BCCSA through the sale of licenses to a range of organizations. Profits from this revenue are used to help fund research and development initiatives.  

The ACSA has launched a new version of CSTS. From our perspective, the new version has several design and operational drawbacks. Furthermore, despite many discussions with the ACSA, we have not been given assurances that our current licensing agreement will remain in place.

Basic safety training for construction workers is a regulatory requirement in BC.  Accordingly, we have decided to replace CSTS with our own, online orientation that will offer the same accessibility and ease of use. This made in BC offering will also meet our guiding principle of making safety simpler.

We are currently in the process of assessing bids from educational software developers and expect to make a final decision very soon. Our industry has relied heavily on CSTS to deliver straightforward and effective basic safety training. We are confident that our made-in-BC replacement will continue to meet this goal.

Yours truly,

Mike McKenna,
Executive Director, BCCSA


For all questions directly related to CSTS-09 please email tdumbeck@bccsa.ca



As noted above, currently, we are in development of our own made-in-BC replacement due to the ACSA abruptly announcing that CSTS-09 would no longer be offered after 2019.

Therefore, NCSO™/NHSA applicants will not be required to take CSTS-09 at this time.

If you have already completed CSTS-09, please upload your certificate to your NCSO™/NHSA portal. You will not be required to take the new BC replacement course.

If you have not taken CSTS-09 before September 9, 2019, you can still get your NCSO™/NHSA but you will be required to take our  BC specific replacement for CSTS-09 once it is developed, as part of your NCSO™/NHSA designation maintenance.

For all questions directly related to CSTS-09 please email tdumbeck@bccsa.ca

Please email Ncso@bccsa.ca only if you have questions directly related to your NCSO™ / NHSA application.