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CSTS-09 Registration Form

Welcome to the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association CSTS-09 registration page.

ICBA is dedicated to offering the best training possible to promote and grow safety, quality and profitability in our members’ operations.

We provide a wide range of competitively-priced courses in the areas of management, leadership and technical skills, human resources, business development, regulatory updates, code and safety training.

Visit the ICBA course website https://icba.simplesignup.ca to view the entire list of course offerings. For suggestions about topics, instructors or locations, please contact Sabine Just via email sabine@icba.ca

As an ICBA CSTS-09 registrant, you will receive an invitation to opt-in for occasional training updates and information from the ICBA.

Modules covered in this online course:

Module 1: Your Worksite and the Law
Module 2: Personal Physical Care & Conduct
Module 3: Personal Protective Equipment
Module 4: Workplace Hazards
Module 5: Field Level Hazard Assessment
Module 6: WHMIS
Module 7: Worksite Conditions
Module 8: Environmental Factors
Module 9: Fall Protection
Module 10: Emergency Response
Module 11: Ladders & Scaffolding
Module 12: Mobile Equipment
Module 13: Machinery, Tools & Equipment
Module 14: Excavating & Trenching
Module 15: Defensive Driving

For more information, please contact the CSTS-09 Program Coordinator at tdumbeck@bccsa.ca
or call 604.636.3681

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For CSTS-09 it is recommended to use a computer with the following:
Pentium 4, 3 GHZ
2 GB of system memory (RAM)
Speakers or Headset
High Speed Internet Access
Adobe Flash Player 10+

At this time it is not recommended that you use any version of Internet Explorer. We suggest that you either use Google Chrome , Firefox , or Safari to take your course.

CSTS-09 will not work on any tablets or smartphones

Cost per student $65.00 + GST

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By submitting this form, I agree to participate in the Construction Safety Training System.   I also agree that the BC construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) may disclose my information only to Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA).  I understand that the BCCSA respects my privacy and that they will never sell, trade or loan my information to other organizations.
I understand that if I do not complete the CSTS-09 program successfully, I will not be issued a course certificate.  I also understand that I may receive correspondence from either BCCSA or ACSA in regards to the CSTS-09.

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