Internal Auditors

A BCCSA qualified COR™ Internal Auditor is a permanent employee of your company who has successfully completed BCCSA’s 2-day COR™ Internal Auditor Training course.

Qualifying as an Internal Auditor

To achieve a BCCSA COR™ Internal Auditor Certificate, a permanent employee must:

  • Complete co-requisite Principles of Health and Safety Management online course
  • Attend BCCSA’s 2 day COR™ Internal Auditor Training course
  • Sign the BCCSA COR™ Auditor Code of Ethics
  • Obtain a minimum score of 80% on the course exam
  • Complete and submit a Student Audit Assignment to the BCCSA within 4 weeks of course completion and achieve a passing grade

Once the employee has satisfied the above requirements, they will be issued a BCCSA COR™ Internal Auditor Certificate, valid for 3 years, provided the auditor status is maintained. 

Maintaining Internal Auditor Qualification

After an individual has successfully obtained their BCCSA COR Internal Auditor Certificate, they must conduct a minimum of 2 audits within the 3 year period between their initial certification and the re-certification to maintain their BCCSA internal auditor status. 

Re-qualifying as an Internal Auditor

BCCSA COR™ Internal Auditors must re-qualify at least once every 3 years through the completion of BCCSA’s 2 day COR™ Internal Auditor Training course. 

BCCSA COR™ Internal Auditor Equivalency Policy

To apply for equivalency, the auditor must complete internal auditor training through an association under the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Association (CFCSA), and submit the appropriate BCCSA equivalency application form.

The following documentations must accompany the application form, and be reviewed by the BCCSA for approval:

  • A valid COR™ Auditor Certificate issued by a CFSA (click to read definition), AND
  • A recent COR™ OHS Audit Document written within the past 1.5 years (18 months)

Special Notes

Expired COR™ Auditor Certificates are not accepted.

  • The BCCSA will only grant equivalency once- upon certificate expiry, the auditor must take the BCCSA COR™ Internal Auditor course and complete the audit assignment. OR, the auditor must complete 2 BC OHS COR™ audits within the next 3 years and recertify.
  • Re-certification course from other associations will not be accepted.
  • Applicants are required to read the instructions on the BCCSA National Audit Document and ensure they understand the report requirements.
  • Individuals planning to conduct a BCCSA COR™ Audit as an Internal Auditor must be on the reported payroll of the BC company. As per definitions in section 4 (page 63) of WorkSafeBC's The COR™ Program: Standards and Guidelines (S&G) for Internal Auditors and Section 4.2, individuals will be expected to be a permanent employee of the company. 

For more information on internal auditor equivalency, please contact 1.877.860.3675. All submission packages can be emailed to

External Auditors

A BCCSA qualified COR™ External Auditor is a safety professional who has been qualified by the BCCSA to assess a company’s health and safety and injury management systems against the BCCSA COR™ audit standard.  

Large COR™ companies must hire a BCCSA qualified COR™ External Auditor to conduct their Certification and Re-certification Audits. 

Small COR™ and Large COR™ companies have the option of hiring a BCCSA external auditor to conduct audits in place of a qualified internal auditor (i.e. for Small COR™ certification, maintenance, and re-certification audits or Large COR™ maintenance audits).  

It is the responsibility of the external auditor to complete and submit a Notice from External Auditor to the BCCSA at least 3 weeks prior to the scheduled start of an audit. 

List of BCCSA Qualified External Auditors

Need to Hire an External Auditor? Here are some FAQs!

Bulletin - BCCSA’s New External Auditor Program

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